Код: 771007
Количество: 12
Price: 70.00лв.


Separators for visual protection

Color: Grey and brown

Material: Polyester 280 g/m2 with PU coating and wood at the bottom

We have several sizes and numbers at your disposal:

-Catalog No771007-75.3/7/167.5 cm- available 15 pcs;

-Catalog no771016-123/7/168 cm- available 11 pcs

-Catalog no771018-120/7/173 cm- available 5 pcs;

-Catalog no771018-120/7/173 cm- available 15 pcs

-Catalog no771019-0.75/7/167 cm- available 5 pcs

-Catalog No771020-0.90/7/173 cm- available 2 pcs

-Catalog no771021-107/7/173 cm- available 2 pcs

-Catalog no771022-114/7/173 cm- available 1 piece

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