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Energy management

New generic accu. Ultracell, 12V 9Ah.

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Output Power (VA) 700 VA

output power 405 W

Input operation voltage (min) the 230 V

Input operation voltage (max) the 230 V

Output operation voltage (min) the 230 V

Output operation voltage (max) the 230 V

Input frequency of the power source 50/60 Hz

Rating Surge 310 J

(A surge protector is an appliance designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. A surge protector attempts to limit the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or by shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold. The surge energy rating is a measure of how much energy a surge protector can theoretically absorb in a single event, without failure.)


number of contacts 8

Cable length 1.83 m

Number modem (RJ-11) port 1


Battery Technology Sealed Lead Acid (VRLA)

battery type RBC17

Charging time of battery 16 h

Battery allowing hot swap Yes

battery capacity 9 Ah

Battery voltage a 12 V


form factor Compact

Product color Black

surge protection Yes

Surge protection features Fax, Modem, Network, Telephone audible alarms No

Rated output voltage The voltage which the manufacturer states that the device can produce. the 230 V

Nominal input voltage the 230 V

Resistance to the external environment

Work temperature 0-40 ° C

Storage temperature -15 - 45 ° C

Range of humidity in use 0-95%

Relative humidity for storage 0-95%

Weight and dimensions

width 224 mm

depth 311 mm

height 89 mm

weight 6930 g

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