New Furniture

About Us is a company specialized in clearing offices of used furniture and equipment.


You are planning:

- Office relocation

- Redesigning your office

- Refurnishing

We offer you:

A complete range of professional services in the field of packing, relocation, delivery, installation and dismantling of all types, brands and models of office furniture and appliances.

In case you need to clear of all the office furniture no longer in use or needed, we will be happy to offer you our assistance in the selling process.


Our team of professionals with over 20 years of experience:

- Meets the specific requirements for the implementation of a wide range of projects- from a small office to an entire office building;

- Works with great attention to the smallest detail and the execution of the predetermined deadlines;

- Operates within the entire territory of Bulgaria.    


You need office furniture?

Save up to 70% off the cost of new office furniture with our help.

By choosing you:

- Saving time and money

- Achieving stylish look to your workplace

- Helping protect the environment