New Furniture

For Rent

Hiring office furniture gives you the opportunity to constantly take advantage of high quality furniture without the need for a big investment. Whether your goal is to make a strong impression on the first day of your new business or if you are already a working company looking to rebuild your workplace at no great expense, renting office equipment gives you an attractive alternative over buying one.


  • - you are already in your new office and the furniture you have ordered has not been delivered yet.
  • - you will have a work meeting, training module, annual staff gathering and you will need conference room equipment or additional work spaces.
  • - you creating a new department in your company and considering a trial period in which to actually check efficiency and need for it. Why not hire furniture for this period of time?


Advantages of renting furniture:

  • - Minimum initial costs.
  • - Delays the commitment to purchase office furniture and equipment.
  • - Easy planning of monthly payments.
  • - Easy to increase or reduce the amount of the office furniture.
  • - Furniture rentals are recognized as company expense


We will await your inquiry and provide you with many options and configurations so you may choose the one suitable for your particular needs.