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02673 Фронт офис бюро Bene

02673 Фронт офис бюро

Front Office angled desk, W5 right
disc base left
material of top:  19mm chipboard
positioning angle KT sideboard: 90
real w/d/h (mm): 2600 / 1265 / 720
desk top colour: MW=white melamine
column colour: white coloured
base plate colour: white coloured
grommet hole: in front
colour of gormmet hole: WI = white
foldable cable tray
cabinet with CPU swivel board, ventilation, accessory extension on shelf

Цена: 2,827.00лв.
без ДДС

02672 Работна маса BENE

02672 Работна маса

side table
round, chipboard 19 mm
width (mm): 900
adjustment range of height: height adjustable 720-1130 mm
width/depth/height (mm): 900 / 900 / Variabel
top colour: white melamine (MW)
frame colour: aluminium (AL)

Цена: 1,002.00лв.
без ДДС

02671 Контейнер BENE

02671 Контейнер

mobile pedestal with horizontal grip,
width/depth/height (mm): 430 / 600 / 538
carcass colour: slate melamine (MS)
top colour: slate melamine (MS)
different edge colour: not specified
front partitioning: 1 - 2 - 3 - 3 HE
front colour: aluminium melamine (MA)
grip color: like front
metal drawer partially extendable
runners: self-closing drawer without shock absorption
standard accessory extension
incl. lock
castor type: hard

Цена: 674.00лв.
без ДДС
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